Privacy Policy

Effective April 14, 2003
This notification is provided to you as a commitment to protect the confidentiality of your 
healthcare information.   Please review it carefully.

Due  to  state  and  federal  laws,  we  have  specific  policies  and  guidelines  that  ensure  
your  privacy.    The  following  information describes how your medical information may be used 
and disclosed.  You also have the right to access this information.

We are required to abide by the terms of the notice currently in effect.  We reserve the right to 
change the terms of our notice at any time and to make the new provisions effective for all 
protected health information that we maintain.   In the event that we make a material revision to 
the terms of our notice, you will receive a revised notice within 60-days of such revision.

If you should have any questions or require further information, please contact our Compliance 
Department at (888) 370-7954 Press 3

How we may disclose your health information
Treatment:  The  following  describes  the  purposes  for  which  we  are  permitted  or  required  
by  law  to  use  or  disclose  your  health information without your consent or authorization.   
Any other uses or disclosures will be made only with your written authorization and you may revoke 
such authorization in writing at any time.  This information helps us coordinate services between 
our personnel and other ancillary staff such as your physician and medical equipment supplier.   We 
would appreciate specific names of family members you choose to be informed.

Payment: This information allows us to obtain payment from your insurance company; occasionally we 
may also receive payment from you.  We will verify all authorizations from your insurance company 
prior to our delivery/nursing treatment.  Please remember that the insurance companies are closed 
on the weekends and you will be given a form that states the condition and treatment. Your 
signature allows us to pursue any such right of recovery regarding payment.

Health Care Operations: By using the protected health information we can evaluate and improve the 
services provided to you.

You also have the following rights to disclosure:
You can request that this agency restrict its disclosure to certain family members.  We are not 
required however, to agree with every restriction if we believe it puts your health in jeopardy.  
At your request communication between you and our company can be sent to the address of your 

You can inspect and copy your protected health information and can request certain changes. 
(Example - marriage)

You also may have the right with certain limited exceptions under federal law to receive an 
accounting of disclosures we have made of  your  protected  health  information,  other  than  
those  used  for  treatment,  payment  or  operations.    However  there  are  some important  
exceptions  to  requiring  an  authorization  stated  in  the  federal  regulations.    We  can  
provide  your  protected  health information to representatives of the following organizations 
without written authorizations or without obtaining your agreement or objection:
1.     To public health authorities
2.     To a government representative responsible for responding to concerns about  abuse, neglect 
or  domestic violence as permitted by laws
3.     For judicial or administrative proceedings or in response to a subpoena or discovery request
4.     For law enforcement purposes
5.     To local or national health oversight organization that conduct audits or investigations
6.     To funeral directors, coroners and medical examiners
7.     For purposes of organs transplant or tissue donation
8.     For research purposes as approached by a privacy board
9.     To avert a serious threat to health or safety
10.   For special government functions such as national security
11.   For purposes of workers compensation

We may not disclose your health information if you are the subject of investigation unless.  Your 
health information is directly related to your receipt of public benefits.

How to File a Complaint if you believe Your Privacy Rights Have Been Violated
If you believe that your confidentiality has been violated please submit your complaint in writing 
T&T Medical Supplies, Inc.
Attn: Privacy Officer
1239 E Newport Center Drive, Ste 105 Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
You may also file a complaint with the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.  
You will not be retaliated against for filling a complaint.